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FPSMagazine.com Reviews Dreamer 6/10/06 - Online article: Film makers Dan Lund and Tony West explain the ups and downs of making their documentar in this interview. An excellent, must-read article.

The End of Hand Drawn Animation 9/09/05 - RadioSpot, Studio 360 WNYC.ORG: Recently the Walt Disney company announced it will stop making hand drawn animated movies and to focus solely on computer animation. Studio 360's Eric Molinsky looks at the intricate art form Disney helped to create and then abandoned. (requires RealPlayer)

Even Disney can't promise happy endings 5/09/05 - Eastside Editor: Lund and West also wanted to record the thoughts of animators "because we were afraid we'd forget why we wanted to be there".

Big L.A. Screening
5/05/05 - Dreamonsillydreamer.com:The animation community, its family, friends and supporters can spend an evening together at the LA. Premier of "Dream on silly dreamer". Screening to be held at the historic Alex Theater in Glendale on May 23rd at 8pm...

Silly Dreamers Invade the O. C.
4/26/05 - www.o-meon.com: By the time the film started, festival organizers were bringing in extra chairs as the crowd Dreamer had drawn exceeded the screening room's capacity. Screenings of Dreamer at previous festivals have been so well received, organizers were forced to add additional show times.(Second half of page)

Dream On Silly Dreamer 2/25/05 - City Pages: The inner cynic in me can't help but scoff at the moments of hubris on the part of the artists, one of whom claims, "[Disney] had the London Philharmonic and now they want a boy band."

Film by former animators shines light on the demise of traditional animation 2/25/05 - MousePlanet: Right from the opening credits, Lund and West evoke thoughts of the original Winnie the Pooh animated features.

WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR: “Dream on Silly Dreamer” Screens in Minneapolis 2/23/05 - Screen Magazine: “Dream on Silly Dreamer” will screen at the Orlando International Film Festival later this year in hopes of qualifying for the Academy Awards. Lund also hopes to host a big reunion screening in Los Angeles, to give former Disney artists the chance to come together and celebrate their work.

First Person: A "Disney" Prairie Home Companion 2/15/05 - o-meon.com: Roy was as supportive as ever of Lund and West's efforts to find a distributor for their film. "This is a wonderful film," said Walt's usually soft-spoken nephew. "These guys have done a remarkable job of capturing what's gone on at Disney (Feature Animation)."

Animator's film aims at digital 'Mickeys' 2/15/05 - Mickey News: When one of Hollywood's biggest dramas hits town this week, a former Twin Citian will provide a provocative opening act.

Animated News takes a look at Dreamer... 2/12/05 - Animated News: Though some “big names” in the animation community – including folks like Jim Hill and Roy E. Disney himself – had already come and gone, I had yet to arrive.

Former Disney animator takes company to task in his own movie 2/10/05 - Minnesota Public Radio audio interview!: Instead, it's a film about Disney's decision almost three years ago to lay off its entire team of 300 animation artists, and kill a movie-making art form that Disney pioneered. Disney has decided instead to rely on computerized animation for its films.

Dissidents dig in at Mouse House 2/8/05 Variety: "Walt Disney shareholder gadflies Roy Disney and Stanley Gold said Tuesday they plan to withhold support from all Disney board members at Friday's annual meeting, citing concerns over the search for CEO Michael Eisner's replacement"

Film Recalls 'Magic' of Disney Animation 2/8/05 - LA Times: Lund said he made the movie as "a valentine to how lucky we were to live in a fantasy world like that."

Former employee makes doc on Disney 2/8/05 - CBC News: Lund says he hopes that, after seeing the film, shareholders feel "a sense of loss" and tell management that "maybe that division means more than just a financial thing."

Going to Disney Meeting in Minneapolis? Check Out 'The Dreamer'! 2/8/05 - SaveDisney: "I have to say how very human a face it puts on an institutional tragedy. Thanks to Tony and Dan for bringing a tear or three to this eye - it should be seen by all those who still believe in the magic of Disney."

New pics from Animex posted!
:Posted Pics of Animex festival event.

The dream died at Disney
2/1/05 - Evening Gazette: "But by 2000 the game was almost up. The art of animation was losing ground to the increasingly popular computer generated animation seen in films like Toy Story and more recently, The Incredibles.
So in 2002, and in a move which made motion picture history, Disney junked its animation department."

Disney's fired animators: After the credits rolled
1/31/05 - OrlandoSentinel
: "I was Pic of Tony West (JOE BURBANK/ORLANDO SENTINEL)afraid this whole thing would go down and no one would remember us. Seinfeld had a big final episode. Friends had a big final episode. I felt like we needed a big, splashy final episode," said Lund, who directed the film, which premieres today at the Animex International Festival of Animation in England.

1/26/05 :IFP is pleased to bring 'DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER" to the TWIN CITIES on Thursday, February 10th, 2005 at the Crown Theater located at 600 Hennepin Ave Minneapolis, MN 55402 on BLOCK E. There will be no admission charge for this 40 minute documentary screening at 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm, 4:00 pm, 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm. Note: Screening will be via video projection. For more information contact: Jane Minton, Director of IFP in MPLS # 612-338-0871 jminton@ifpnorth.org

Tomb Raider 1/5/05 - SaveDisney, Tony West: "So... You Want To Be a Disney Animation Artist?" I've attached a photo of the poster. The thing detailed how to go about getting your dream job, what the career opportunities are at Disney and how to prepare a portfolio. It was an ironic slap in the face to have that recruiting poster there pretending that the once proud tradition that we all loved is still alive and well.

FilmForce review - 12/9/04 - ign.com: "Through animated interstitials constructed to evoke a feeling reminiscent of Disney's classic Winnie the Pooh short subjects (including a stentorian narrator and sticking to their 40-minute length as well), Lund (with producer Tony West) has constructed a documentary that is short and concise, with very little fat on the bone. It's a bit rough around the edges, but what carries the film is the sincerity of the artists themselves – people like legendary Disney animator Andreas Deja, clean-up artist Jackie Sanchez, ink & paint artist Carmen Sanderson, and nearly two dozen more – and its their emotion that glues the narrative together. "

Animated News- 11/27/04: "It isn't exactly a protest film but more of a tribute to the great legacy of classic animation at Disney and how happy they were to have at least been a part of that. It is a tribute to "the good times" and remembering what was lost..."

Animation Nation 11/24/04: Intersting bulletin posting thread about the movie.

Cartoon Brew 11/20/04: "DREAM ON SILLY DREAMER sounds awesome! I want to see this film!! And it sounds like it would make a perfect double feature with THE SWEATBOX, the film by Sting's wife (does she even have a name?) documenting the hilariously inept production of THE EMPEROR'S NEW GROOVE. Florida animator Hugo Giraud first clued me..."

Animators 'Dream On' 11/20/04 - SaveDisney: "But the void will soon be filled: I was treated to a sneak preview of director Dan Lund's new short documentary "Dream On, Silly Dreamer," produced by Tony West, both formerly of Disney Feature Animation. ...And their film is filled with the faces of Disney's animation art production pipeline: cartoonists, storytellers, animators and other fine artists alike, finally sharing their own experience of the rise and fall of their unique dreamland."



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